Our Services include:

  • Provide consultation for international students interested in studying and living in the United States of America

  • Help international students to find acceptance at accredited U.S. English institutes and universities

  • Assistance in the preparation of university admission requirements for higher education, including the statement of purpose, research proposal and research plan for a master's and doctorate students

  • Enroll international students in intensive ESL programs if they are interested in studying English as Second Language over the summer

  • Guide master’s and doctorate students in attending informative educational and practical conferences

  • Assist Saudi students studying on their own to open a file at SACM to be included on a scholarship

  • Prepare masters and doctorate students in studying and registering for: GMAT, GRE, TOFEL, IELTS and other standardized tests

  • Provide opportunities to learn Spanish through arrangements with specialized language learning institutes in South America

  • Counsel and assist in scheduling appointments, paying fees, and completing paperwork required with respect to visa applications

  • Locate and acquire the most appropriate health insurance for tourists and students (including their dependents)

  • Make travel arrangements such as airline, hotel and car reservations as well as tours and sightseeing.