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Welcome to Maserah: Your vision is our mission!

Thank you for visiting Maserah. Our aim is to represent international students as they strive to enroll in reputable educational institutions in the USA. Maserah is dedicated to helping you study and live in the U.S. without the added stress or hassle of the application process. Maserah offers a variety of professional services that will help you achieve your educational dreams. Some of the services offered include helping students:

to attend accredited English programs and universities, find the best academic and practical conferences, choose the appropriate health insurance and make travel arrangements.

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  • About Us

    Maserah is a company that specializes in providing academic and educational services to those wishing to study, or those who are currently studying, in the United States of America...

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  • Our Services include:

    • Provide consultation for international students interested in studying and living in the United States of America

    • Help international students to find acceptance at accredited U.S. English institutes and universities...

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  • Your Path:

    The United States of American is a subcontinent with its 50 states. Maybe educational level between states and their universities are similar in some areas, but inevitably differ in other areas that may affect your decision on where to start your educational path...

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