About Us

Maserah is a company that specializes in providing academic and educational services to those wishing to study, or those who are currently studying, in the United States of America. Maserah was founded as a result of a rich experience extended to eight years of academic study and professional work that granted the founders the skills and expertise to provide diverse educational services. The founders are recipients of master’s degrees from the top American universities and worked at international offices during their years of study.

Why Maserah?

  • Maserah is a legally certified company and registered in the state of Wisconsin, USA.

  • Our academic and educational experience is a practical experience gained directly from the heart of American colleges and universities.

  • Do you care about the speed of delivery at a low cost? This is what Maserah provides.

  • Maserah takes on the burden of making well informed decisions that guarantee the best available option.

  • The founders of Maserah had a tough start in the beginning of their academic years, so they strive to harness their expertise to ensure a safe, easy and convenient academic start for you.


To make the excellent education path an opportunity for all

Our mission:

Strive to provide the best educational services for international students so we become their first choice based on credibility in dealing and commitment in work.